Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sweet - Finished (or almost?)

My first sweater!

Frogged the last version back up to the v-neck join, where I tied it off and joined anew at one of the armpits. Then I crocheted in the round, reversing direction after each row to keep the pattern regular. Did sc in back, then transitioned to hdc then dc (and then back to hdc and sc) in front for about three rows to simulate sideways darts for boobs.

The waist band: alternate one row of linked double crochet, right side facing, with one row of: sc/dc/dc in one stitch, skip two stitches, repeat. (For how-to on linked Dc, see "linked treble crochet" directions.) Then half double crochet in one direction to hem, with dart inc

Finishing: Bordered the neckline in single crochet with red to draw the eye upward. I'm wondering whether to add sleeves, either in the same color as the body or in red. My husband is rooting for the cap sleeves, but it's getting cold.

This was a beta version so I used Soft by Red Heart, which has great shine and stitch definition but turned out not to bounce back when stretched. Lesson learned: look for yarn with some elasticity for fitted items.


Dawn said...

WOW, that looks great. I have started a second one and will have to try that linked stitch very nice. Dawn

Dawn said...

Very, very cute Rina! I love the idea of the waistband...may have to try something like it when I can once again face the sweater and frogging most of it again for the 4th time this handpainted is just driving me NUTS...that plus lack of yardage for sleeves has left if languishing, but maybe I'll do brown ones...thanks for the inspiration! Dawn in MN

Alicia said...

Fabulous! now I'm tempted to frog mine to the bust- its just bulky after that. I love your colors, I love the waistband.


Lily said...

Hi, I found your blog from CAL. Your sweater is lovely. I specially love the waist part.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

The sweater is *so pretty!* The textured waistband is a great idea. Good job!