Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Holiday

I turned in Chapter 4 several days ago. Woo-hoo! Rewarded myself by goofing off the whole weekend. Last night my sister Song came over and we watched "Go" and ordered out for Zachary's deep dish pizza (yum....). She spent the night and I made waffles this morning. Then my friend Sheila came over and we headed off to the Telegraph Avenue holiday street fair in Berkeley. Sheila went mad taking photos of everything. Here are some pics:

I decided to "unveil" my face because I find blogs with pictures of people more interesting. (But I'm not using my legal name because I dont' want to wonder if employers and colleagues--I have some work that appears on the web--might read some inane entry later on. After all, I used the word "boobs" in a post about the Sweet sweater. That's very me. That is not, however, very professional sounding.

Sheila labeled this "Liberation Groupy":

If you look closely, the banner says WWW.LIBERATIONINK.COM. Proceeds go to community organizing in San Francisco. I snapped up the olive cap sleeve t-shirt, which has a network of human hearts and reads: "keep loving/your heart is a muscle the size of your fist/keep fighting". Inspiring and cute to boot.

Speaking of cute, look at my hubby:

The hat, BTW, is a brimmed beret I crocheted right before Halloween, which I always wear tipped back. I saw a several vendors with knit and crocheted hats, including brimmed berets, and felt a little smug that I could make one myself.

Last night I unraveled a stretchy wool sweater from Banana Republic that never did fit me right. Someone told me about recycling yarn from thrift store sweaters. I read this helpful tutorial before getting started. Here I am winding balls into hanks before washing them to straighten out the kinks. The hanks are drying in my bathroom as I type. Man, it's a lot of work! Only worth it if the yarn is nice.

It was a good day. Only seven days to Xmas and so many projects to crochet and knit!

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