Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Funky wrist issues (or, I love my chiropractor)

Too much crocheting and typing: my wrist started to throb last night and I got worried it was carpal tunnel syndrome. Mentioned it to my chiropractor today, Dr. Tribble in Berkeley, and he started massaging my forearm muscles on the opposite side, especially where they connect to the elbow joint. Ouch! I asked what that had to do with it.

Apparently too much tension in the upper forearm can make your wrist wonky. He's amazing with musculoskeletal dynamics, so I took his word for it and did the recommended exercises: flexing my fingers and hand outwards and backwards to counteract all that pinching and grasping. My wrist does feel much better. Also need to regularly massage my forearm to keep it from getting too tight.

Thanks, Dr. Tribble!

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